Where are YOU riding??

Why are you here?


The real question is, why are WE here for you?? SPOT Tracking is why!

We're here for all you SPOT™ users. Many of us use the SPOT™ devices for our outdoor activities. Some of us at WhereAmIRiding.com use our SPOT™ devices for off-road motorcycle riding on our dual-sport or Adventure bikes. These devices aren't limited to riding a motorcycle and they can be used for many things like boating, hiking, mountain biking, motorcycle riding, flying, and many many other outdoor activities. When you register, we create a subdomain link for you. We take your registered username and replace the 'www' for you, Eg: http://strega.whereamiriding.com - That link forwards to your User Profile with your SPOT™ link as well as a cool lookin map.

SPOT II on the trail The problem we found is that trying to remember your SPOT™ link is near impossible. Well those days are over and we're here to make this easy. Just register with us HERE and fill out all of the information and we'll create a profile for you and a subdomain entry. Then you can share your SPOT™ map page with family and friends with a SIMPLE link. You don't HAVE to have 'Tracking' enabled on your SPOT™ account, the 'OK' button will show up on OUR map each time you hit the 'OK' button.


Thursday, September 23, 2021
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