Newsletter - June 2012

Newsletter - June 2012

Thanks to a suggestion by Buster714, I've added two new toggles on your profile. You now have the ability to turn your Map on/off (without having to delete your SPOT link) and you also have the ability to turn 'Message Detail' off. 'Message Detail' appears when you click on a waypoint where it shows your Username, Point #, Time, Date, & lat/lng. You can now turn that off since there was a request to hide those messages so the personal messages to family members wouldn't be displayed. However, there is a caveat...If you hit the HELP button, Message Detail will be displayed and cannot be turned off at this time. The idea behind the site was designed with getting HELP to people and message detail is helpful.

To edit your profile:
  1. Login to
  2. In the Profile Menu on the right side, click on 'Edit Profile'
  3. Click on the 'SPOT Info' tab
  4. Scroll to the bottom, you will now see, "Show Map" and "Show Message Details"
  5. Edit those options how you see fit

Since you're on your 'Edit Profile' page, please take some time to update your 'Emergency Info' (Remember only ADMINS can see Emergency info), as well as any other information you'd like to keep up to date.

Another new feature is the 'User Map' in the top menu bar. Click on that and it will show all of the most recent waypoints of everyone that has been riding since the feature was implemented about a week ago. Check it out!

Enjoy your riding and stay safe!!

Roger 'Strega' Sewell
Owner / Site Admin

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